food-1The rich soil and the abundance of natural resources in Brazil, makes agriculture drives producing a variety of products that every day reaches family tables all over the world.

Brazilian products are becoming more and more popular to the American families and many products like Brazilian Wine, are increasing its popularity very fast in the US.

Brazilian food products have a high quality nutritional value and the American consumer starting to realize many benefits of having a more organic and natural food source and that is key to the great success Brazilian products are encountering in the American market these days.

wine-20Our suppliers in Brazil have raised the production, quality and inspections to comply with the American code and all of our products are FDA approved and all of them have achieved higher quality than expected by the FDA.

We are proud of the products we supply to the American people and we work hard to improve every single day the quality of life for many families across the US by providing high quality food at low cost and by constantly raising the quality from our manufacturers in Brazil.

We import a variety of great quality Brazilian products to US and we have a large number of customers already very satisfied not only with the products but also with our amazing customer service and great care with all our products.

food-3Contact us for more information, and we are convinced that you and your customers will be very satisfied.

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